1000 Sick Bags

1000 Sick Bags
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1000 Sick Bags
Take advantage of our special case pricing by ordering 1,000 bags for only $250!

Sick Saver bags are constructed of thick kraft paper coated with polyethylene to make them water tight. Our bags seal with two closing tabs at the top. They are constructed with the sole purpose to catch and hold vomit! The dimension of the bag are 9.25"X5"X3". So they work well for adults as well as children. They are constructed with a square bottom so they fold out flat for maximum stability. Sick Saver barf bags come in retail packs of 5. Our logo and web site address are displayed on the front of the bag, there is no other printing on the bag.

One case of 1000 bags is 25"X16"X10" and weighs 30 pounds.