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25 Sick Saver Bags
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50 Sick Saver Bags
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100 Sick Bags
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Our bags are currently out of stock as we are looking for the right people to take over our barf bag empire. Interested? Please contact us for more information.

Everyone gets sick. Some of us get sick more often than others, and for many different reasons. Some people get motion sickness every time they take a car ride, others get the dreaded stomach flu, pregnant women suffer with morning sickness, and some get queasy from various medications including chemotherapy treatments.

No matter why you get sick, you will be served well by having a stack of Sick Saver bags handy. No one likes to get sick, and no one likes to clean it up either! Durable Sick Saver bags eliminate the mess that normally comes when someone vomits. We're here to serve you. That is why we offer a no-hassle full money-back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with our bags!

The more bags you buy, the more you save! Please see our about us page for more information, including a helpful list of frequently asked questions.